ALL-ASA Quiz Bowl – Fall 2016

If there’s one thing our time at UCSD has taught us, it’s to cram as much new information as possible just moments before a big exam. This skill proved extremely useful during this year’s quiz bowl, in which we finally secured a victory after years of defeat. While at first I wanted to make a cocky remark about how we knew we’d win from the start and that the trophy wasn’t big enough, that’s so untrue that I can’t even joke about it. With a team formed just a day before the big event (I personally had no idea who was on my team until an hour before the event began), we had no real expectations of winning whatsoever and only came in the spirit of having a good time and maintaining good relations with other fellow ASA chapters. Yet our biggest surprise came not by our underdog victory but by how much fun we had in the process, laughing and yelling in excitement after each answer was announced (even when we got the answer wrong, because we’re weird like that).

I want to personally thank my team composed of UCSD ASA exec members for making me aware of this event and without whom it would’ve been impossible to win. While we never had a formal group study session together, our individual expertise in different subjects was what I feel ultimately led us to victory (as well as Mariam’s genius gambling talent during Final Jeopardy, but I digress). We also want to thank all the other ASA teams for participating and UC Irvine for hosting this event. I suppose the burden is now on us to host a quiz bowl that will be just as amazing for next year!