Artivism is an artistic expression of the collective political conscience of the Armenian community. Artists, painters, drawers, and cartoonists are invited to submit their artwork related to Armenia, its history and Diaspora, to be displayed at a Los Angeles studio. Guests include, among others, students, fellow artists and prominent members of the community who are all free to gaze and be inspired by the artwork. Those who attend Artivism expect to be intrigued, enlightened, provoked, offended, and amazed at the works to be found. 

The Culture Committee is responsible for organizing Artivism in the spring of each year. Donations are accepted at the door from guests, all proceeds used to either fund one of the All-ASA’s philanthropy projects or to cover the cost of the event. Snacks and music are provided to stimulate ideas and conversations among the diverse guests. Specific information on the next Artivism exhibit will be provided on this page once planning is complete.