Advocacy Day 2015

Advocacy Day 2015: What You Need To Know!

Many Armenian Americans living in California are passionate about their diaspora and their ethnic identity, but they are not sure how to create proactive change for their culture. With Advocacy Day, the perfect solution is presented to this problem. Advocacy Day occurs annually and is hosted by the Armenian National Committee of America, Western Region. It is an extraordinary opportunity for Armenians from all across the state to not only become a key player in implementing change for their community, but to also witness that change firsthand. This year, Advocacy Day is especially significant because of how closely it coincides with the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Participation is more important than ever before, since our collective voices will resonate powerfully within the walls of the California State Capitol. Activists will leave for Sacramento on the morning of Sunday, April 19th and return to Los Angeles on the evening of Monday, April 20th.

Advocacy Day is essentially a jam-packed, 48-hour grassroots experience that leaves its participants inspired and motivated to continue supporting the plights of the Armenian diaspora. Members of the Armenian Students’ Associations in California need to pay $40 to attend the event- an unbelievable deal when considering that the fee includes transportation to and from Sacramento, hotel lodging, and food for both days. After comfortably arriving in Sacramento on Sunday, April 19th, participants will be trained for the whirlwind of activities taking place on Monday, April 20th. Such activities will include meeting with California State Assembly Members about two key pieces of Armenian legislation the ANCA-WR is working tirelessly to pass within the state government, visiting a special Armenian Genocide art gallery located minutes away from the Capitol, and witnessing the entire California State Legislature commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on both the Assembly and Senate floor.

Over the years, Advocacy Day has seen a spike in attendance from college students. Last year’s Advocacy Day had a landmark coalition of over 350 activists, and almost 40 of them were students from CSUN, USC, and UCLA. This year, the ANCA-WR is hoping to triple those numbers and expand university participation, due to the fact that April 2015 will mark a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to raise awareness in Sacramento about the Armenian Genocide during its centennial anniversary. In order to hit that mark, it is critical for every Armenian Students’ Association in California to make their best effort towards attending the event!

Students can register for Advocacy Day 2015 by going to and address any questions regarding the event through the contact information listed below.

I look forward to seeing you in Sacramento!

Alina Sarkissian

Government Affairs Committee

Armenian National Committee of America, Western Region