All-ASA Games Mixer

Join the All-ASA for a fun afternoon with the Armenian classics: chess, belote, and backgammon!

Armenia has long been a dominant power in the world of chess, producing such greats as Levon Aronian and Garry Kasparov. Fine-tune your strategy and hone your skills because we are looking to crown our very own All-ASA Grandmasters. We invite all chess players to come out and participate in our true and tested “checkered” tradition.

A quick glance into any Armenian community will reveal the unwavering position that backgammon and belote hold as our favorite pasttimes. Any experienced belote player can speak volumes about their strategies. “Nardi” or “tavlou” requires not only skill, but style, as the decorations of your board have to be just as ornate as your maneuvers.

Nonetheless, we look forward to welcoming all of you to All-ASA’s First Games Tournament. Whether you are a novice or highly experienced, there is a competitor for you.

We will also have a selection of board games available for those who may be looking for something a bit different. There will be something there for everyone!

Admission is free. Refreshments (and soorj) will be provided.