All-ASA Stain of Denial 2016

On Thursday February 4th, 2016, Armenian students at colleges and universities throughout the state of California will be hosting a simultaneous silent protest against the ongoing denial of the Armenian Genocide. This effort is coordinated by the All-ASA: All-Armenian Student Association.

Locations on Campus:
UCSD: In front of the Geisel Library around the “Silent
CSUN: In front of the Oviatt Library
UCLA: Meyeroff Park/Bruinwalk
LAVC: Joining Occidental College


Classified as the first genocide of the 20th century, the Armenian Genocide claimed the lives of 1.5 million people and forced the dispersion of Armenians throughout the world. The Republic of Turkey, descendants of the Ottoman Empire, have led a denial campaign in an attempt to stave off responsibility, setting a cyclical precedent for the repression of justice. The United States, under political pressure from Turkey, has refused to acknowledge the events by its rightful classification. As Armenian-Americans, we believe that politics and humanity need to be held in separate realms. Genocide is a punishable crime and ignorance on the part of other countries further encourages the tactics of denialists.

The ASAs have partnered with various on-campus organizations to protest the continuous repression of justice. The participating schools in All-ASA will engage their individual student bodies in demonstrating the effects of injustice and denial, generations after the initial crime is committed. Students, faculty, and community members are invited to commemorate the memories of the millions killed in the Armenian Genocide and to take action for recognition of the atrocities.

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