All-ASA Funds Renovate Children’s Park in Armenia

All-ASA partnered with Khachig Choukhajian, a Teach for Armenia fellow working in Armenia’s province of Lori, to organize the tricolor graduation cord fundraiser. The cords were handmade by artisans in Dilijan, Armenia and sold to graduating students in the United States. All  proceeds were used to fund a project to renovate a small park in the village of Medovka, Armenia. The project involved the a addition of a soccer field along with benches and recreational leisure areas for local residents. The project was completed and an anonymous donation of sports equipment allowed the formation of a girls soccer team. The All-ASA Executive Board would like to thank the individuals and groups involved in creating, transporting, and distributing the cords along with those who purchased them and enabled an improvement to the village of Medovka.