Armenian students have been organizing into philanthropic, social and political groups for decades in the United States. With the high concentration of Armenians in California, organizers realized that the community is stronger in unity. The All-ASA has existed in various forms since the 90’s. In 2003, delegates from the separate Armenian Student Associations founded the All-ASA as a confederation of its constituent organizations. The executive board did not exist, and tasks were delegated to various individuals representing the constituents. This structure lasted for 8 years but its inherent inefficiencies prevented the organization from effectively carrying out its duties.

In 2011, a constitutional convention was called where the Senate elected to set up the Executive Board to govern, manage, and organize the All-ASA. Thus, the organization’s official structure was transformed from a confederation to a federation. Since then it has succeeded in managing numerous programs and projects. The All-ASA continues to add new members each year as it grows and adapts to the changing community. At the same time, it maintains its fundamental goal of uniting the Armenian student community and promoting the general welfare of the global Armenian nation.