2012 Leadership Seminar Full Video

The full video for the 2012 Leadership Seminar hosted by All-ASA is finally up! From February 24th-26th, 2012, the Confederation of All-Armenian Student Associations hosted the 4th annual Leadership Seminar at AYF Camp. The weekend retreat was attended by students from UCSD, UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona, CSUN, CSULA, SDSU, GCC, UCSB, Woodbury, Loyola Law School, AEO, AYF, and ARF Shant Student Association. The purpose of the weekend was to give the students attending necessary tools to be effective leaders in their respective schools and organizations. Students were given the opportunity to delve into the various reasons why they were involved in Armenian organizations. This allowed them to connect their Armenian identity with the organizational work they carry out. The weekend provided a venue for the exchange of ideas and inspiration, creating a collaborative environment of talent and energy. Through a series of inspirational presentations and educational lectures, attendees were able to fine tune their leadership skills while connecting with their peers.

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