All-ASA Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl

The Quiz Bowl pits the finest of young minds from the Armenian student community against each other for a chance to hold the golden trophy. Teams of contestants each represent one of the Senate’s constituent organizations and answer questions to score points. The team with the highest number of points wins the Quiz Bowl and the right to host the next year’s contest at their school. By fostering academic competition, the Quiz Bowl, among other things, promotes an interest in Armenian culture.

Questions are created beforehand by an impartial proctor. The questions cover a diverse set of categories spanning from Armenian history and culture to science and math. Specific categories are released in a study guide before the competition and distributed to registered teams to study. Categories are selected and points awarded in a jeopardy style format – not all questions carry the same weight in points. Once a question has been asked, teams have a chance to discuss among themselves and reach a consensus on the answer. In the final round, teams are allowed to gamble their total points in a double-or-nothing round. The winning team’s organization’s name is inscribed onto the trophy along with the year of victory.

Registration for teams will be announced by the All-ASA Quiz Bowl Committee. Teams must register and pay a fee that allows the committee to cover material and room reservation costs. Teams must submit proof of school attendance for each individual to the Committee for approval. This is done in the interest of maintaining competitive fairness – all team members must be members of the organization they represent. Cheating, through any means, will result in disqualification of the entire team. Once registration opens up for the next Quiz Bowl, the team registration form will be posted on this page.

Quiz Bowl Champions

2016University of California, San Diego Armenian Student's AssociationUCI
2015University of California, Irvine Armenian Student's AssociationUCI
2014University of California, Irvine Armenian Student's AssociationUCLA
2013University of California, Los Angeles Armenian Student's AssociationUCLA