UC Irvine ASA’s 5th Annual Cultural Show

On Tuesday February 22nd the Armenian Students’ Association at the University of California, Irvine hosted their 5th Annual Cultural Show. During the day there was a booth accented with a traditional Armenian rug selling tasty Armenian foods such as kebabs, boreks, rice, and “tan”, the Armenian yogurt drink. At night the Cultural Show was held. Among the performers were the students of the local Ari Guiragos Minasian Armenian School who performed a shorty play, sang a few songs, and recited a nice poem. ASA members Ara Ghiulezian and Audrey Josephberg sang “Tun im Hayreni” while UCI alumna Hasmik Piliposyan sang “Siro Yerk.” Anna Garibyan, performed Arno Babajanyan’s “Yerevani Sirun Aghchik” on the piano, while Azniv Derdzakyan, recited “Mor Tserkere” by Paruyr Sevak. The night ended with a traditional Armenian dance performed by current ASA President Arvin Demerjian, and ASA members Elin Baghoomian, Nicole Gasparian, and Mary Bagdasaryan. There were over 100 attendees, including students, parents, teachers, and local community leaders. We hope to see more faces next year!