UCSD ASA Updates!

UCSD ASA has been fairly busy in its event preparations for our membership. We’ve planned various culturally focused events that promote community and friendship. As a school where majority of our members’ are based in Los Angeles, we strive to create a sense of home and community for the students living away from home for the first time.

Some of the enjoyable events we’ve hosted include cooking kebab on our main campus walkway. We BBQed and sold it to our fellow Armenian and non-Armenian students. We hosted a line-dancing lesson with the prominent Armenian dancer, Tom Bozigian. Our students learned various forms of the shoorch bar. Just last week we teamed up with our campus Alpha Gamma Alpha and Alpha Epsilon Omega to host a fundraiser at Phantom Hookah Lounge. We filled up the room with our friends and had a great time!

UCSD ASA has planned a few more events for the upcoming Spring Quarter including Armochella – a Palm Springs Trip! We have an annual Big Bear Trip during Winter Break, and decided that we should host something for our Spring Break! This is the first time we’re hosting it and we’re excited to see how it pans out.

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Tamar Barsoumian
UCSD ASA Historian

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