All-ASA Leadership Retreat 2023 - From Awareness to Action - AYF Camp Big Pines

All-ASA Leadership Retreat 2023 - From Awareness to Action - AYF Camp Big Pines
From April 21-23, students from various institutions joined All-ASA for the LEADERSHIP RETREAT 2023, themed "From Awareness to Action."
Students had the opportunity to collaborate not only with one another, but with various professionals and leaders in the Armenian community to move past simple awareness efforts, and to initiate meaningful action in serve of the global Armenian cause.


The event featured:

  • Ardashes "Ardy" Kassakhian - Glendale City Councilman
  • Dveen Babaian - Campaign Consultant
  • Christopher Khachadour - Staffer for State Assemblymember Laura Friedman
  • Armen Hovannisian - Former Chairperson of the Armenian Bar Association
  • Lucy Varpetian - Chairperson of the Armenian Bar Association
  • Razmig Sarkissian - Divest Turkey Activist
  • Melvin Dilanchian - PR Consultant at Gelin
  • Avo Kambourian - Filmmaker
  • Nare Avagyan - AGBU Innovation Studios Director
  • Karapet Manukyan - Armath Glendale Lead Instructor
  • Arthur Grigoryan - Founder and Chef at iiMasBBQ
  • Maral Tavitian - Founder of Namak Newsletter


Some Agenda Items Included:

  • Effective Strategies in Narrative Construction and Advocacy
  • Opportunities in Law
  • Political Activism and Campaigning
  • Journalism and Media
  • Art and Content Production
  • Armenian Culinary Traditions
  • Technology and Entrepreneurship


All-ASA majorly thanks AYF Camp Big Pines for their generosity in serving as the official venue of the Retreat and for providing students with access to their various outdoor activities and facilities. AYF's generosity was critical in helping to foster close relationships and memories for all the students who joined.


Students not only collaborated and strategized with one other and the various professionals who joined the Retreat, but bore the opportunity to develop closer and meaningful relationships with them by engaging in informal, outdoor activities and social events.


The Retreat truly was an enriching and unforgettable experience for all who attended. Join us again next year!



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