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Artsakh Dialect Sticker Sheet - 12 Stickers

Artsakh Dialect Sticker Sheet - 12 Stickers

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Purchase TigranBlog sticker packs, featuring sayings in Artsakh dialect! Tigran, an 11-year-old blogger from Artsakh, dreams of a free Artsakh, where he can return to live in peace. Tigran's video blog focuses on sharing insights about Artsakh, its culture and its people. Unfortunately, he had to leave all his video equipment, including cameras and microphones, behind in his Artsakh home. Currently residing in Yerevan with his family, Tigran is determined to continue his video blogging and urgently needs new video cameras, microphones, and other essential equipment for shooting and editing.

100% of proceeds from sales will be dedicated to purchasing the equipment Tigran needs to keep his blog running.

NOTE: All sticker packs and crewnecks will be shipped and delivered when the merch campaign is over in December, to allow All-ASA time to make a bulk order to maximize the profits that can be sent to Tigran.

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