The All-ASA is a federation of Armenian Student Organizations at various colleges and universities. Our philosophy reflects the ideals and traditions that each of our respective organizations has developed. We are united in representing the voice of college students in our Armenian communities. Our aspirations include the unification of all college students from distinct communities in order to promote leadership, scholarship, culture, and advocacy. We exist to facilitate a medium for the sharing of academic programs, leadership development, community projects, and also as an outlet for social interaction. We do recognize that there are certain areas of action and programming that are best carried out and facilitated through the joint effort of our organizations.

All-ASA By-Laws

The All-ASA works to unite various Armenian-American college student organizations and
serve the greater Armenian-American community through cultural, social, educational, and
activist programming. As the largest federation of ASAs in the nation, it is dedicated to
collaboration among its constituent organizations, leadership development of its members, and
community service.